When I import an updated deck no new extra cards show up

My friend and I have the same anki decks but when he studies he usually sends me edits of our existing deck (adding new cards, adding colors) so I ask them to send me their updated version of our deck. When he exports me his version, I don’t end up seeing any new cards/colors he added. I just still end up with the same cards I already had and no new cards. It worked before and I was able to see the extra cards on top of what I already had and now I can’t. I am on anki 2.1.61 and he is on 2.1.66. He has the box checked allowing people with older versions of anki to download the deck. I’ve also tried disabling my add ons and nothing works. How can I fix this?

I suggest you update to a more recent Anki version. When importing .apkg files in recent Anki versions, it will tell you exactly what was imported, and allow you to click on the entries to locate them in the browse screen.

I’ve updated and it still doesn’t work

Are you sure you’re looking in the right place for the new notes/cards? Is it possible they were imported into a different deck?

Are you sure this is a new .apkg that contains those changes? Try creating a new temporary profile (Profiles - Anki Manual) and import the apkg into there. Do you see the changes?

It works when i download them to a new profile but I want it to download on my main profile. The new cards just don’t show up at all on my main profile and I want to fix that.

I’m not suggesting that the temporary profile is a solution – but it helped you narrow down the issue.

Next is the first thing I mentioned – how sure are you that the notes/templates aren’t being added/updated? Are there any changes to the note type itself (you mentioned colors, for instance), that you can check directly in your profile and compare? Is there another deck where the new cards could be landing?

When you try to import the deck into your normal profile, what exactly does it say?

So I guess I updated my anki to the wring version, I updated to a different version and it works now!

In case it will help someone else, can you say what version was wrong and what version is working?

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