Modify deck, then send it to someone without them losing their stats


I can’t seem to find if this has been asked before, so… My girlfriend and I have been using a deck for a while and I want to edit it to add some stuff to it, then I want to send it to her so she can update hers with the things I will add to mine (I want to do it as a surprise, so I can’t tell her that we should update it together).

However I’m worried it will overwrite her deck (and stats) and make her start from the beginning (as if it was a new deck). Will her deck just update (as I want) and if not, is there a way to achieve that?


The export (Exporting - Anki Manual) and import (Packaged Decks - Anki Manual) instructions should tell you everything you need to know about how to make sure (1) no scheduling information/review history gets overwritten, and (2) the notes update instead of duplicating.