Downloading update for deck privately and keeping old version of cards

Is it actually possible, to make a .apkg, which updates the current cards in a way, where the old information doesn’t get replaced by the new content of the altered card?

I don’t want to actually replace everything, when I alter a card. I just want to make it append to the old card, when I import the newer version of the deck.

Apparently this is usually not possible with packaged decks?

You can import the deck on a new profile to export to txt


Yeah. I know. But I want it to make the .apkg be in a way, where the user is not loosing his own old edits on the card, when deciding to update them. This would happens usually always, when updating old cards from the deck through a import.

How do you imagine it? .apkg can contain many notetypes and correspondingly many fields. How should ANKI understand what to update and what not to update?

My last offer is not very convenient. It’s probably better to export your current deck to txt, import .apkg and then import txt. In this case, you won’t have to mess with new profiles.

You still haven’t described what you want to do. I only vaguely guess that you want to update some fields.

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Yes. I only want to update certain fields, and then also keep the old stuff of the field in the same card, which has been updated.
It’s fine though. I guess the import function of ANKI is not laid out for this type of ideas. I would have to code an add-on for this, which specifically changes the notes in way, where the old content is preserved.

Thanks for the input though :slight_smile:.

Another solution is to export cards from a certain date Note Modified. Import .apkg and then the maps that were previously exported.

Note Modified
The same as in Notes mode for the card’s note.
The last time the note (e.g. the content of a field) was edited.

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Yeah. That is also a great idea, I will take a deeper look into this. Thank your for the link! :smile:

It would be convenient to select specific fields to import when importing .apkg. Provided that only one notetypes is contained.

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