Update deck with changed Note Type

I am using a deck, created long ago by another.

For some time, I was able to update it just by double-click on the latest *.apkg file.

But after the original author added some fields and edited come card settings, double-click on the latest *.apkg file results in importing all cards as new
and creating new note-type
note type

after I undo it (by syncing with the Anki server and downloading from there)
I manually make fields and cards settings in the same way as it should be in updated deck,
but after I double-click on the latest *.apkg - again it results in importing all cards as new, but now they just duplicates

Is it possible to update by double-click with keeping my statistic and receiving the benefits of latest version (new words + correction of old)?

The fact that they imported implies the deck author recreated them instead of modifying the existing ones.

The thing is I am the author. Long ago I shared my deck with another person. Then I modified (added some feelds, changed some html settings) and after some time this person can not update that old deck anymore. By double click on the new deck, Anki can not recognize old cards and creates duplicates.