How to force a specific apkg version onto your deck

I am using the rather popular recognition rtk apkg file deck, which at this point has multiple versions that are not necessarily better if the iteration is newer. Is there a way when importing (or other solution), to force an older iteration of the cards, as to avoid this importing message, “Notes skipped, as they’re already in your collection”? You can force newer iterations, I think automatically since anki will oblige to card updates, but anki won’t support forcing older iterations I think?

Either is there a method of rebuilding your apkg file so that you can force it to be newer, or is there a method of forcing an import of an older iteration?

Importing is based on modification time, so if you import material into a new profile, modify it, and then export it again, you should be able to update your existing collection.

Thank you very much. That worked. All I had to do was to add an irrelevant tag to all the cards, and the deck was imported properly to my asking.