Accidentally clicked on .apkg backup; worried

Hi everyone,

3 weeks ago, I had exported one of my decks as a .apkg file (including scheduling) as a backup. Earlier today, I accidentally clicked on this file and Anki started importing the backup deck. I quickly closed the ‘importing’ window but suspect it still updated some of the notes because when I clicked cmd-Z to undo, it said ‘note update undone’ or something.

I’m a bit worried as I’m not sure what effect this has had on the scheduling of cards in my deck; I’m hoping the deck hasn’t reverted to the scheduling as it was 3 weeks ago (as this would make the last 3 weeks of reviewing futile)? Also wondering whether it will change the cards I’ve suspended/unsuspended and add back in cards that I deleted in the last 3 weeks that I didn’t want

I fortunately did a colpkg backup on my hard drive yesterday so I could just restore from that, but wondering if there’s any need to

Thanks and appreciate any help :slight_smile:

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You didn’t say which Anki and importer version you’re using, but the fact that you could undo afterwards seems to indicate that it’s the new importer. In that case, aborting or undoing would have reverted any changes made by the import. And since it didn’t say “Import undonde”, you seem to have aborted the process in time.
However, even going through with the import would likely not have had any repercussions: Notes aren’t overwritten with older versions and cards aren’t updated at all.