Update a package without losing progression

I am sharing packages with other people. I had to make few correction with a package. How can they update their package with the new .apkg without losing their own progression ?
Thank you

When you export an apkg, there’s an option to include scheduling information. Just uncheck that. Recent Anki versions also allow importing users to exclude scheduling information from being imported in case the deck author included that.

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Ok so they just have to import the corrected package, it will automatically update the cards without creating a brand new deck ?

That’s correct.

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Hallo abdo,
unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me.
Please see the topic I created for further information:
“Problem with updating notes” (Anki Desktop)

Kind regards

I withdraw my reply.
abdo’s solution works, if the corrections/modifications to a collection are made within Anki (see the topic mentioned in my reply).

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