Problem merging profiles

Have 2 profiles with the using the same anki deck, with different unlocked cards. I try exporting one as a .apkg with scheduling information, but when I import it into my other deck with “import any learning process”. it says successfully imported, but it doesn’t actually add? I checkmark the “include scheduling information”

Please help, thank you!

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did you checked the browse tab to see if they aren’t suspended?

Screenshot the “import is done” screen

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The notes are already there in your collection as the message says. If you click Show or the Browse button in the main screen, you should see how many cards you have.

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Right, I used the same deck for both profiles, however, i unlocked different cards from each deck.

I want to save the scheduling of the cards i unlocked on the other deck to my new profile.

How do I merge two profiles that used that same preset deck, but have different cards unlocked?

When I merge 1 profile into the other, it says “these notes area already in your collection.” It wont add the schedule from the imported deck

Isn’t this the same question you asked here?

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Yes never got resolved

Did you enable “Included scheduling information”?

Deck packages contain a single deck (and any child decks it may have). They have a filename ending with .apkg, but a filename other than collection.apkg. When you import a deck package, Anki will add the contents into your collection, rather than overwriting your collection.

If some notes in the deck package have previously been imported, Anki will keep the version with the most recent modification time. So if you download an updated deck, the edits that have been made in the updated version will be made in your collection as well, but if you re-import an unchanged deck after making edits in your collection, the changes in your collection will be kept.

If you choose not to include scheduling information, Anki will assume that you are sharing the deck with other people, and will remove marked and leech tags so that they will have a clean copy of it.
Exporting - Anki Manual

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It’s still probably worthwhile to keeping going asking questions in the first thread – instead of starting a new thread pretending like the other one never happened.


I’m afraid scheduling is only imported when the cards are first added, so the only way to get the scheduling from the .apkg is to delete the cards first.

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Yes i did. Anki recognizes them as the same note so it doesnt duplicate.

Was wondering if there was a way or add on to add to all my cards in jn one deck to make it unique

I once worked on an add-on for importing scheduling info:

It didn’t receive much testing. Use at your own risk.

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