Good and wrong sounds

I think it would be incredible if anki is able to make a good sound when you are right, a bad sound when you are wrong :slight_smile:

There are many add-ons that do that. Examples:


Yes, there are.

Really, I was looking for that improvement for the mobile app. You know, looking for the gamification in Anki. So I wrote to the anki app and they told me that the mobile app is a copy of the desktop app.

If the destokapp does not have this fuction, then the mobile app is not going to have it.

They suggest me to write here to see if there would be possible to do the good sounds things in the desktop app to they do the same in the mobile app.

There is not problem for me. I discover a way to make sound and some gif with Tasker + ankidroid. But I think that sound thing will help a lot of students around the word. :grin:

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Iยดd hate it.

One of the great things about Anki is that gamification is NOT forced on everyone.

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Well, I never said that everyone must hear a sound. Maybe there could be an option to activate o disactive that sound funtion, like there is the option of activate/desactivate TTS sounds.

Even, having the posibility of choose yourself your own sound for good/bad answers. :hugs:
Or even having the posibility of just listen to a sound when you finish a deck or a daily goal.