My sounds on cards do not work on AnkiDroid

Hello, I created cards on my Anki desktop and then sync them with my smartphone. I did not have a problem before, but after I changed my phone and re-installed the app, my cards all are synced BUT the sound with cards is not.

Sounds are played on my Anki desktop with the cards, BUT they are not played in the AnkiDroid at my phone.

The attached file is the error that I see on AnkiDroid.

Any help please?

Android version = 11 RKQ1.200826.002

I believe I have a similar problem while syncing to a new device where the sync finishes after syncing only some media files. Maybe @David can help.


I do agree. From all my old files, just a few of them which have sounds can play and most of them that have sounds, do not play.

I even made new files containing sounds to test and see non of the new files can play sounds. Although, before I never faced this problem. Any help please @David?

*** I made another new account (with a new email) and test it with 2-3 cards and attached sound. The problem still exist.