Audio Anki cards on Android

Hello, I’d like to ask you for help.
I use the Anki desktop version (Windows) for editing cards. However, for learning, I use Anki on Android.
I’d be happy to add audio into cards automatically and be able to play them both on the desktop version and the Android version. There is a problem with playing audio on Android, though. When I add audio with TTS into a card template, it works on the desktop version very well. But the Android version doesn’t. On the back, the text of the answer just appears twice and nothing else. I know, the issue is produced by tags in the card template. I was wondering for months, whether there is any solution for this. (I know about the option of adding mp3 files to my decks manually. I am not happy with this solution, though. I’d like Anki to add them automatically). Thank you for taking the time to think about my problem in advance. :slight_smile:

See AnkiDroid Support

I gather AnkiDroid intends to support the tts template tags in the future, but nobody has gotten around to it yet.

It would be amazing. Many users I know would be happy to play audio both on the desktop and the Android version.