Is "text to speech" supported in AnkiMobile?


I am not using AnkiMobile for iPhone/iPad until now,
as I am using an android phone with AnkiDroid.
I did build some decks and would now like to know
if it makes sense for a friend to buy AnkiMobile
to use the decks on his iPhone/iPad.

I build the cards including the tts-tags like
< t t s s e r v i c e =“android” voice=“en_GB” >{{front}}</ t t s >> for British English
< t t s s e r v i c e =“android” voice=“fr_FR” >{{front}}</ t t s >> for French
(without the additional spaces, of course)

Now my question is, can he get the text to speech in AnkiMobile too?

Thanks for your support in advance.

SL Willi Wipp

AnkiMobile does support TTS, but it uses a different syntax: