Anki OS not speaking english content

Hello folks.
i recently inslated an addon to make Anki speak certain fieds of my cards. It worked well for a while on both iphone and desktop. The issue now is, the iphone app is not speaking the content assigned as english {{tts en_GB voices=AwesomeTTS:Front}} while it is speaking the content assigned to turkish {{tts tr_TR voices=AwesomeTTS:Back}}. no problem on desktop. what should I do?

Add-ons aren’t available for AnkiMobile (on iPhone).

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Please use {{tts-voices:}} on your card template to view available voices inside AnkiMobile. Is an en_GB voice listed there?

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Thanks for pointing this out. It was about the voices available on my mobile. Changed the card template to US english and the mobile started reading. Basically I had to use in the templates a voice that is already installed in my iphone or install the voice used by the card template.

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