AnkiMobile has poor Spanish Pronunciation

I am new to Anki. I want to use it to learn Spanish, but the TTS for Spanish is awful on the iPhone, When it is speaking the Spanish terms, it pronounces the words like they are English. Am I doing something wrong?

If you want to use a TTS service to read your cards, you’ll be limited to what voices iOS offers, but you might be able to find other voices you like better – Text to Speech - AnkiMobile Manual.

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Let me try this again. When I select English as the language for my iPhone, a the nomenclature in the app is in English. Fine. That is what I want. When the TTS is activated the voice reads the Spanish text (i.e., the answer on my flashcard back), as if it were English with English pronunciation. For example, the “h” is pronounced in hora. In Spanish, the “h” should not be pronounced. If I change the language section in the iPhone setting to Spanish, the TTS works fine, but all the nomenclature is aslso in Spanish.

There must be some way around this in AnkiMobile or everyone would be using Qujzlet.

Yes, there is a way around it. It’s described in the manual at the link I posted. You don’t need to change the language of the app – you just need to label the field to be read in a certain TTS language/voice/service.

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Thanks, I am figuring it out little by little. I still can not find the “editing screen” referred to in the manual.

“You can modify card templates by clicking the “Cards…” button inside the editing screen.”

Sorry, I was misusing the term “tag” earlier. It is the tts field that I inserted when I created the deck. I want to specify the voice. The Apple voice, Samantha, reads the text like it is English.

If you’re going to do this strictly in AnkiMobile, you’ll find that in Study Tools > Actions > Card Template (Study Tools - AnkiMobile Manual). Any changes you make to the templates for this note type will apply to all notes using this note type.

Just to make sure – you want the field on your note to have just text – no TTS tag. On your template you will add a TTS tag referring to the field with the word(s) you want read, as described in the main manual (which the first link directs you to).

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