Is it there some way to use add ons on your iPad i

Hey I’m quite new to anki but I heard it’s an effective tool for language learning so I got the app for my iPad… I’m currently studying Thai and there’s an add on called Awesome tts which enables you to add audio to your flash cards from various sources … is there anyway to upload the awesome tts on your iPad?

Add-ons can’t be used in AnkiMobile, but you can use the built-in TTS: Text to Speech - AnkiMobile Manual

Thanks ,That’s good to know but how do you activate the built it in TTS system or how do you use it when making a card . I checked settings but I don’t see any information about TTS.

Please refer to the manual for an accurate description on how to use the builtin TTS while making a note, and what are the available options (playback speed, voices, language, …).


Okay I understand it a bit more now… thanks for the information :v: