Awesometts in Anki iPhone

Can I add awesometts voice to cards on iPhone? I can do it on my Mac and syn but cannot initiate voice on iPhone ?? Thanks

This is perfectly possible. I use HyperTTS, which is somewhat the successor of AwesomeTTS. You can find tutorials on the linked webpage, when it comes to card creation, it is similar to AwesomeTTS.

If you’re using the add-on on your computer, make sure it’s adding audio files and not playing “on the fly”. If it is, you should be able to have the audio play after media syncing is complete. Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

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The voice is working on my iPhone when I sync with my IMac which is where I created the card. What I meant is creating the card with voice on my iPhone. There is no Tool folder to download awesome tts.

You will need the desktop version for that, as there are no add-ons for mobile versions of Anki. You can however create notes on your phone and add the missing audio files in one batch with Anki for desktop later.

If your audio files are in a separate field, e.g. named audio, you can filter for notes without audio output by searching for


Alternatively, you can use the voices built in to iOS instead of the add-on.

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