Awesome TTS add-on not working?

Hi, I have just found this forum and I have started using Anki not long ago. I tried to add the pronunciation of Chinese words I am learning to a flashcard where I have to fill in the answer and I have also enlarged the answer to see it better, but the sound by Awesome TTS does not seem to work, there is no sound to the cards. Can someone tell me if there is a way to fix this?

I’ve been using this one AwesomeTTS - Add speech to your flashcards - AnkiWeb and everything looks fine for me. There’s this other one AwesomeTTS (Google Cloud Text-to-Speech & Microsoft Azure TTS) [unofficial] - AnkiWeb. Is that one you have been using?

I think I am using the latter one, but I am not sure, where can I see that?

@01101 I am new to Anki and totally confused…

Go to your add-on list, select the add-on and click on “View Add-on Page”

Yes, I have checked, I am using this one. I don’t even know how to use the built in text to speech of Anki, I am not native English and I don’t know what exactly card template is, I think I should add this {{tts-voices:}} there.

You can access the card template by clicking on “Cards” in the edit window.


@01101 Thank you, I have added the voices there, but don’t know how to access them when I create a new card. Also, is there a way to check which version of Anki I am using? The video tutorials seem to be somewhat different…

Assuming that you want the english voice, you have to have tts en_US: before the name of the field that you want to be read aloud. For example, I want the {{Back Extra}} field to be read aloud, so I add tts en_US: to it:

{{tts en_US:Back Extra}}

You can see your current version by selecting Help >> About.


@01101 Thank you. Is there a way to add voice files to cards that I need to fill in before I can flip them over? I have downloaded the Awesome TTS that you are using, now I have two of them, the sound file is there after the word on the backside, but I need to fill in the card, before I flip it over to see whether I filled in the right answer and the sound file does not seem to work this way.

Yes, all you have to do is add the syntax to the the “Front Template” instead of the “Back Template”.

The add-on is not necessary. I only use it to partner with another add-on and because it has better voices, which are accessible only to premium users.

@01101 Thank you, it worked, the problem was obviously that I tried to add the voice file to the back template.