AwesomeTTS not configured - solution?

I have tried to use the batch Text to Sound add on AwesomeTTS batch insertion of MP3 files.

Now, every card tells me

“AwesomeTTS: Language it_(Italian) not configured for on-the-fly TTS, please add TTS tag in Card template editor to register this language”

Words of one syllable please and idiot-proof step by step reason it shows this

  1. Where to get the where to get the TTS tag it requires
  2. Where is the Card template editor to register the language
  3. How to get back to the same list of cards before using TTS
  4. As the foreign language is on back card, I want it on the front.
  5. It may be that the 500+ cards I have are the revered version of the same card but cannot se how I can find this out


Hi, I’m the maintainer of AwesomeTTS. First, are you using on-the-fly TTS or batch generation ? The differences are explained at the bottom here: AwesomeTTS: Getting Started
Assuming you want to use on-the-fly TTS, the problem you’re having will probably be fixed by re-adding the TTS tag, follow this tutorial: AwesomeTTS: On the fly TTS

Hi there LucW

Thanks for coming back to me.

I am trying to use batch generation not using ‘On the fly’ and I anyway cannot follow the tutorial you gave AwesomeTTS: On the fly TTS .

If it makes a difference, my Anki version is 2.1.35.

The error code comes up on all the cards where there is a ‘play sound button’

It seems not to appear on those cards where the TTS batch has taken and there is a normal ‘live’ button - triangle inside circle.

This amazingly plays the word oral sound – eg [sound:oddcast-af7ff0d5-08cf78e8-55d0c154-b21dab42-a9b64112.mp3].

It does not help that my main deck is combined from several shared decks with, I think, different card templates – I have no idea how to change all the cards to one template.

After my attempt at batch generation, a huge number of them, by my error, gave the Awesome TTS on the English side - I wrongly believed that all cards in shared decks would have English on the back and Italian on the front.

I have no idea if these were created ‘twin cards’ on some sort of ‘basic with reverse’.

I have sought to deal with this, probably wrongly, by deleting the English sound code in ‘Edit’ on each I came to, and then going to the AwesomeTTS tag and attempting to remove the sound buttons on a selection of them - to see if this makes a difference – it did not.

I am now left with innumerable cards with two play buttons one of which is live and the other seems to produce the error code I mention.

My final aim is to try to listen to the sounds with my eyes closed before looking at the actual word

At 70 years old, perhaps I must admit my limitations and throw myself on your mercy in this.


Jim Murray

James, the first thing you need to do is decide whether you want batch generation or on-the-fly audio. The differences are explained here at the bottom: AwesomeTTS: Getting Started

You mention your deck is composed of different card templates, is that out of need or accidental ? I’d be glad to look at your deck and give you my opinion. From the Anki main screen, click File → Export, click Export… . Then locate apkg file you just created, and upload it to Dropbox - Submit files