FSRS Toggle not showing up

I’ve updated my anki to the newest Mac version twice today. I do not have an FSRS button popping up in my “advanced” section of my deck settings. I have looked multiple places for a solution, but I cannot figure it out. Help would be greatly appreciated! Mac OS Sonoma 14.1.1. Anki version 2.1.65

Native FSRS is supported only on Anki 23.10 and more recent versions (the current latest being 23.12.1).

You can always get the most recent updates directly from Anki. – https://apps.ankiweb.net/ . I’m concerned about who is offering you 2.1.65 as the most recent version …

FSRS – Deck Options - Anki Manual

This is the same site I downloaded anki from twice today. I found the version by clicking the anki word in the top left of the screen. Is there a different way to see the version?

I re-downloaded anki twice today from the anki site, so it should be totally up to date

You can find the links to download by clicking the Download button.

To check your Anki version, go to Help > About.

If you downloaded Anki 23.12.1, perhaps you forgot to drag it to your applications folder, or you have an older version of Anki lying around on your computer that you’re opening instead.

Got it fixed! Thanks, guys! I had an old version on my computer that was opening instead of the new one!

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