Add on FSRS4Anki Helper

Hello there, I wanted to add the Add on FSRS4Anki Helper on my anki. I downloaded it as usual, but when I want to use it a pop up comes up which says “Please paste the code of FSRS4Anki into custom scheduling at the bottom of the deck options screen.”. I already tryed to activate it and post the code, but it dosent work. Im also not able to find a bottom on the deck optinions where i can acitvate it, like it says in some explenations.
How can I activate and use the FSRS4Anki Helper Add on?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Before 23.10 you can follow the guide on the FSRS github page.

For there to be an option to activate fsrs in the deck options you will need to upgrade to 23.10+, at which point you will no longer need to paste any code since it is integrated into Anki.

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The Deck Options help file explains how to access it and use it.

Do you have any other add-ons besides FSRS4Anki Helper?

If not, you might consider upgrading to the latest Anki version, which is 23.10.1, and then you don’t need to copy any code into the Custom Scheduling section. You just need to flip the FSRS switch in the bottom (Advanced) section of the Deck Options screen, and the FSRS4Anki Helper add-ons will work in harmony with that.

However, if you do have other add-ons, some of them might not work yet with 23.10.1.

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