Every time I open Anki on my desktop(windows) a message shows something like enable FSRS first

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A few days ago I enabled FSRS from options and I pressed save, I followed this step for all my decks.

Why do I have to do the same thing every day, when I sync my new cards?

Even though FSRS appears within deck options, it’s actually global for all decks, for the whole collection. You cannot turn on FSRS for some decks and off for others.

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I am sorry I am stil learning because I am new to this app .

Thank you for your response.

My problem is why FSRS in anki on desktop doesn’t stay enabled ?(I press save)

I sync my cards in ankidroid and when I get back in the anki I have on my desktop and I try to sync my cards a message shows please enable FSRS first,and I have to go to enable FSRS from the options again.

P.S. : I have seen from other posts to download the FSRS helper add on and I have checked the box which says autoreschedule cards reviewed on other devices after sync.

I don’t know if there is a connection

What version of AnkiDroid do you have? You need to have 2.17alpha3+ or things will not work.


I have version 2.16.5.
Where do I find this version? I guess its not yet available in play store
Should I follow these instrustions in github?
and choose 2.17 alpha3+ ?
Whats the difference with [AnkiDroid 2.17alpha5]

It is available in play store though the beta version, Instructions

You go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ichi2.anki (in mobile) and there will be an option to participate in beta, then after accepting/joining, you will receive the update, which the latest is alpha5 (might take a few mins to join beta)

what he meant to say, the FSRS support started in alpha3, but now the latest beta version is alpha5, hence alpha3+

I would have to disagree with this one, it might be weird seeing higher being simplified to “+” for the first time, but it’s a way to simplify things, we have to remember that the add-on page and shared deck page also uses symbols as ~, <, <=, 2.1.xx-2.1.xy.

Would be a lot of “or higher” in each of the 800+ add-ons

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Describing it as “2.17alpha3+” is straight from docs.ankiweb.net

If this is confusing, perhaps the documentation should be changed to use “or higher” wording.

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