Activating FSRS on one preset activates it on all presets?

Is that normal behavior? Whenever I activate/deactivate it on one preset and hit save, when I check another it is also changed there.

Some info about my Anki:

Windows 11
Anki Version ⁨23.10 (51a10f09)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.5.3 PyQt 6.5.3

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I see… then it is weird in my opinion to activate it under the preset settings, if it applies to the whole collection.


It makes it easier to find, and easier to see which options change when enabled/disabled.

@dae I apologize I’m late to the game in testing this (working 70 hour weeks keeps me busy…)
It appears I’m not the only one that has had this confusion and others, including @guillempalausalva and other advanced users have been confused so I can only imagine what it does for new users

  1. I’d personally like to use FSRS for some decks, but not all and it seems reasonable to allow that. I understand the stats screen might require some modification and the review sort order was an issue

    • for the stats screen, could just enable a toggle between FSRS and SM2 enabled decks. Could have a combined view that only shows stats like how many are new, suspended, etc but otherwise doesn’t show review success, etc
    • for the review sort order, you could just make it so that each first level deck sets the precedent for all lower decks (or show an error if there are mixed algorithms within one head deck)
  2. It’s confusing to put that button in the option presets menu, but make it apply across all presets. If it were global id expect it to be in preferences perhaps next to where the v3 scheduled was enabled. If it must be in the option presets, then there should be clear text or notification associated that describes it being a global option. As it currently stands, its very poor to put a singular global option in a menu that only applies to a subsection of decks and where no global options have previously been and further don’t provide any notification or instructions that make it clear it’s going to be global.


Yes, I’d expect exactly that.


I think this could further obfuscate things, as it would be completely unprecedented. So far, all settings are either taken from the selected deck or a card’s home deck.
Also, decks can be reparented and cards can move between decks. All these things would need to be handled gracefully.

I’ve argued the same for the New ignore review limit toggle before. But admittedly, scattering the settings across multiple dialogs is also not ideal. And at least the presets dialog is already migrated and has help utilities.
While it does state that FSRS is a global setting in the help modal, I agree that’s easy to miss. Maybe global options could be styled differently, or have a :globe_with_meridians: icon which says “global setting” on hover.


I like the idea of an icon in that it would not take up much space / clutter the interface too much, but I’m not sure the meaning would be immediately apparent to people. Another option would be to move the global settings into their own subsection, but that would make the ‘ignore review limit’ option harder to find for people just adjusting the limits, and would require mixing simple and advanced options together.

While I personally feel like this is adequately explained in the help pop-ups / obvious once you start changing things, I seem to be in the minority here, with you all thinking it would be better to clarify in the description, so I will concede. It would be good if we can keep it short - eg adding " (global)" (or perhaps " (shared)"?) at the end.


Count me in as someone who was confused by this initially when attempting to try out FSRS on just one deck.

Adding an indicator and/or altering the label sounds like a nice improvement. I would honestly vote for something even more obvious, at the risk of being more verbose, e.g. applies to all decks. Using a different font color might also make sense.

I just think that, going into a deck preset, the expectation that “any option I change will only apply to that preset” is so strong that we need an equally strong signal to communicate differences from that behavior.

(I mean, I’ve seen a lot of users be confused by the fact alone that decks can share presets)


Re: FSRS being a global option, making it per-preset would add a bunch of extra complexity to the code - things like moving cards between FSRS and SM2 decks, and presenting cards when they’re a mix of SM-2 and FSRS. I’m afraid this is unlikely to change, so you’ll need to use a separate profile if you want to use both at once.

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I like this idea. I agree with dae that its meaning may not be immediately apparent to the users. But, Rumo has already provided the solution; the icon can say “global setting” or “applies to all decks” on hover. This is clearer than the current approach of adding the detail in the help pop-up and at the same time, doesn’t take up much space or make the UI cluttered.

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I’ve noticed many users fail to discover tooltips, so if it requires a tooltip to discern, I think the meaning will be lost of a fair few people. Re @glutanimate’s comment, how about " (all decks)"?

It takes up slightly more space as compared to an icon, but if you feel that many users fail to discover tooltips, adding " (all decks)" would be fine.

I don’t have strong feelings about this, and will likely be swayed if a consensus develops around one particular approach.

I agree that tooltips are not frequently discovered or used. I think it should be obvious to the user. Either with an icon or within the yellow popup that comes up telling you to have the latest Anki versions or something like that


Let’s see if we can find a majority:

  • Don’t change anything
  • Globe icon
  • “(all decks)”
  • “(global setting)”
  • “(global)”
  • “(shared)”
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I would both add a globe icon and “(global setting)”


I’d do global icon and (all decks) personally. But agree that both would be optimal


There’s a trade-off here between being immediately explicit, and reducing visual clutter, as the more text on the screen at once, the more overwhelming it can seem, and the harder it is to find options at a glance. I’m concerned that having both an icon and that text at the same time would make things even more cluttered. Having mocked up the top two picks, I find myself actually leaning towards the globe icon. Based on the screenshots below, could we have one more vote please?

  • “(all decks)”
  • globe icon
  • “(all decks)” + globe icon
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(Night mode, Windows, low resolution display)


I was favoring (all decks) before, but I would agree, it’s too cluttered when applied to all corresponding settings.

Would it make sense perhaps to add a short label below the deck selector stating e.g.:

Settings with a globe icon :globe_with_meridians: apply to all decks / deck presets.

An explanatory tooltip would also serve that purpose, but would be less discoverable.