Syncing issue with ankiweb decks and anki droid fsrs intervals

I have started using fsrs on my anki decks. I set it up on ankidroid and it seems to work fine on anki desktop. However when I do my reviews on ankiuser net and go back to ankidroid to continue the reviews… i no longer have my fsrs intervals on the cards. It resets back to my old intervals (i.e. i have my intervals set to 10m and 30m, but after this happens it goes back to 10m 15m 1d 2d. Eventually it fixes itself but im not sure what the catalyst is for that.

type or paste Debug Info here (Settings > Advanced > About AnkiDroid):

I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. It sounds like you’re talking about your learning steps, but those aren’t controlled by FSRS.

If your learning steps are 10m 30m, then for New cards on the 1st step, you’ll see –
Again 10m
Hard ~20m
Good 30m
Easy [determined by FSRS]

If you’re seeing 1d for Good instead, is it happening when you study late in the day? When short steps will cross the day boundary, they are converted to days.


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