Does enabling FSRS in one profile affect other profiles?

Sorry if this is obvious to others. I would like to enable FSRS for one profile and have the cards rescheduled on the change, but I don’t want the decks in my main profile to be affected for now. I’ve seen a couple of comments that make me think it’s enabled on a per profile basis but I want to be 100% sure. Can anyone confirm?

FSRS is a setting for profile. So enabling FSRS for one profile don’t affect other profiles.

Thanks a lot. It’s going to be good to try it out, it seems like a huge step forward.

I’m paying the price for not using the Anki buttons in the recommended way. I will have language cards that start off new language > English, then when I think I’m ready I will set the green flag and fail the card. The green flag changes the content to English > new language and in this situation the fact that I’ve failed the card actually means that I know it quite well, at least in the original direction. I also use Set Due Date a lot when none of the intervals shown over the buttons seem right. That could be a good or a hard or an easy, but there’s no way for the scheduler to know that. I guess it doesn’t count it as a review at all, which is going to completely mess up the algorithm. So I don’t think I can switch to FSRS on decks that have been going for a while.

For new decks (which can have their own profile) I don’t want to change the system where I reverse the card direction when I’m ready. The interval needs to go right back down at that point though. Do you see any way to make that work with FSRS?

I’m afraid that FSRS couldn’t learn the memory pattern from these reviews. Only when you press the buttons based on your memory, FSRS could work.


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