Weird scheduling after enabling fsrs

today I enabled fsrs ( built in setting, using last version of anki 23.10.1.
but my cards scheduilng doesn’t make any sense. for new cards that I added today the good button interval in about 3 month!
I attach some screenshots from my settings and review pages below:

ex1: this card good interval was somewhere around 3 month and now this happened!

ex2: I added this card today

my settings:

I am using anki for about one and half a year now and I have around 30000 thousands cards, I use this single setting for almost all my decks.
I just applied optimize fsrs on this setting and saved it ( without enabling rescheduling button ). I did this after my reviews for today were finished. ( about 900 cards )

I watched a video about how fsrs algorithm work and I became very interested in it especially because accurate control over retention rate. I wonder this happened because I already added so many cards to using this same setting. for now I revert back to SM2 but I hope I could use fsrs, if anyone face similar problem and was able to fix it I appreciate to have his knowledge.

  • surely having another new settings for new cards added can be an option, but this doesn’t say anything about how to use new algorithm benefits for old cards.

Your FSRS parameters after optimization seem waaay off (Those 99.999 numbers). My settings that were generated on a deck that I used for a year were not that much different from default FSRS parameters.
This is definitely a bug.
As a temporary solution you can use FSRS with default settings since creator of FSRS said that even with default settings it should be better than SM2.

It’s possible, but it’s also possible that the OP was using the buttons in a non-standard way, such as pressing Hard instead of Again when cards were forgotten.

yes, it doesn’t make any sense, for now I turned FSRS on using default weights. thanks for your suggestion.

that may be the reason, I rarely use again button and was more comfortable using consecutive hard buttons. didn’t know it would have any negative effect. It seems I need to be more welcomed to again button.

Hard is when you know the answer, but had trouble to recall it - for example needed more time.
If you don’t know the answer or answered wrong use Again.

Hard should only be used as a passing grade, not as a failing grade. Unfortunately, it seems that many users misuse the buttons and treat Hard as a failing grade, just like Again. This is practically the only habit that FSRS cannot adapt to: it is hard-coded to treat Hard, Good, and Easy as passing grades and Again as a failing grade.

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