FSRS scheduling bug for new cards?

I initially posted on Reddit but was redirected here. I changed my settings to default after activating FSRS but this strange issues is occurring with new cards. Sometimes the “Good” interval is 1 day long, and sometimes it’s 2 days long for new cards. I’m aware there is a fuzz factor, but surely this isn’t normal this early correct?

Anki won’t add fuzz to cards with an interval less than 2 days, so I guess this is FSRS. I suggest you check the card info for some cards with 1 and 2 day intervals and compare the previous ratings you gave them.

He is referring to first intervals though.

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I’m referring to brand new cards.

Do you use the helper add-on? I was thinking maybe Load Balance in the helper add-on and Anki’s fuzz factor combine in a weird way. @L.M.Sherlock do you think that is a plausible explanation?

Here’s the most extreme case yet… Unsure what’s going on. I do not have any of those add-ons.

I have clarified the question in the dm with OP. These cards’ first ratings are different, so the intervals are different. Everything is expected.

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