Help - FSRS Option Not Present Under "Advanced"? - Anki 2.1.65 on MacBook Pro running Sonoma

I’m trying to use the FSRS algorithm but Anki (version 2.1.65) on my MacBook Pro (2019, corei9) running Sonoma 14.1.2, there’s no FSRS option under “Advanced” in Deck Settings. I can see it as an option on both my iPhone and iPad, but would rather set it up on my Mac. I also don’t know if the algorithm would sync/work on all devices if I set it up using my iPad/iPhone, but either way can someone help me figure out why I’m not seeing it and how I can get it to work (on all my devices)? Thank you!

The picture below is all I see on Anki on my Mac:

To have FSRS in deck options you have to update to Anki 23.10 or newer.


Any issue/contraindication to doing that given that I have an intel-based Mac?

This fixed the problem. Thank you @szalejot!
p.s. for those reading in the future all I did was follow the instructions on the anki website - I just closed out of anki on my desktop (didn’t have to uninstall or anything), downloaded Anki for macOS 11+ (Intel, 23.10.1 Qt6), and now I have the FSRS option under Advanced!

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