VIDEO: FSRS vs Anki’s Default Algorithm (SM-2)

Want to know if the new FSRS algorithm is better than Anki’s default?? This video will go over all the pros and cons. I spent hours researching this and worked very closely with @L.M.Sherlock and @Expertium to make sure it is comprehensive and accurate.

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Is there any chance at being able to turn on FSRS for a certain deck? I would be very comfortable to try it for my geography deck but right now, I would not be comfortable using it for medical school. But I have no option of enabling it only for one deck.
Any chance this could change to ease the plunge into FSRS?

I have recommended we should have this use case as well but @dae said there are some complications with implementing that.

For what it’s worth, if I were half way through med school and had a lot of reviews already, I still would switch to FSRS.

Thank you!
I could see switching to FSRS for Step this spring/summer.
And if you’re recommending it, then I think I’m willing to try it after the winter break

you can create a seperate profile where you can use fsrs. You can export your geography deck with your scheduling information and import it to your new profile without losing any progress.

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I am really happy that you made the video. I have been waiting for you to make a video about this topic ever since fsrs v3 was released. I am only disappointed that you didn’t seem too excited for the change. Like it didn’t blow your mind :exploding_head:

Haha I was pretty excited about it. I tried to share that feeling while being a bit objective

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