FSRS... could it help medical students better?


i used anki for 1 yr, it surely did helped me to remember something.
yet, i found out myself that quite many times anki bring up cards that “i think NOT important, thus i dont want to remember”, to me.

i.e. anki didn’t know which card is significant … for medical students,
it treats all cards equal (wish anki is world leader).

heard that supermemo deal with this.

how about FSRS?

ps: supermemo 15 is unsigned, i don’t have taste to test it.
30USD i could afford for supermemo18 but wanna make sure it worth first.


Just suspend those unimportant cards.

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Supermemo allows you to set priority per item, so if you have an item that you think is unimportant, you can give it a low priority. Likewise, you can give items you think are important a high priority.

Then, when you have a lot of outstanding items, Supermemo will show you the higher priority items first.

But this only matters if you have a debt of outstanding items.

If you are doing all your due repetitions everyday, then, just like Anki, Supermemo will show you every items, even those “unimportant ones.”

So Supermemo won’t help with this either. If you have a card that you think isn’t very important, as stated above, just suspend it.


If you still want to review those unimportant cards in low frequency, you can separate your cards into different decks. Then FSRS will help. You can set low requested retention for the unimportant deck and high requested retention for the important one.


to both:

suspend seems will make it disappear until i unsuspend it, right?

how about burry? burry will make it 1 day away?


yeah i am splitting it in to deck a and deck b, same thinking.

then i can do deck a on 6 days and deck b (unimportant one) in only 1 day.

Bury Card / Note: Hides a card or all of the note’s cards from review until the next day. (If you want to unbury cards before then, you can click the “unbury” button on the deck overview screen.) This is useful if you cannot answer the card at the moment or you want to come back to it another time. Burying can also happen automatically for cards of the same note.

Suspend Card / Note: Hides a card or all of the note’s cards from review until they are manually unsuspended (by clicking the suspend button in the browser). This is useful if you want to avoid reviewing the note for some time, but don’t want to delete it. With the old scheduler, if cards were in learning when they are suspended, they are moved back to the new card queue or review queue prior to being suspended.




hey, i just found this addon:

but it claims it’s for scheduler v2.

i remember i am on 2.1.54, using scheduler v3. (just found still using v2)

Any one checked what may happen? or is it easy for me to make a backup and try?


ps: tried, everything works except it didn’t really change the timing.
need update. i.e. not working indeep.

it’s not working but it’s exactly one thing anki need in order to compete /w supermemo.
hope someone will pickup or merge into official. thanks

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