Ankidroid Fsrs Version and Version Number

Does anyone have the date information of the new ankidroid official version which is support fsrs4anki algorithm?
Ankimobile is already in line with the pc version number, is it possible that ankidriod will have a chance also?:wink::wink:

Yes, ankidroid alpha already have fsrs support

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I raised changing the version number with them a while back, but I think they prefer their existing version numbering scheme.

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I’m using the Ankidroid Alpha releases with FSRS from github, they work mostly fine but sometimes there are small bugs, so I would recommend keeping an eye on the github issues page if you use alpha releases.

Though FSRS works, what worries me is that the FSRS version might be not the same, e.g. FSRS 4.5 on desktop and FSRS 4 on Android. This should be no problem as long as the versions only affect how parameters are trained/optimized, but might be an issue if we get a new release on desktop with a new FSRS model which affects how the parameters are interpreted, than AnkiDroid might interpret the same parameters differently from Anki desktop.

But I’m not sure if this is an issue with the current Anki and Ankidroid betas or if this might be an issue in the future. Just to be sure I reschedule all cards daily with the FSRS Helper addon, which also provides the benefit of load-balancing.

Latest alpha of AnkiDroid supports FSRS 4.5

To know which Anki version corresponds to a particular AnkiDroid release, you can go to Settings → About and look just above the Contributors section.

Such difference exists between FSRS 4 and 4.5. But, as I have mentioned before, AnkiDroid supports FSRS 4.5. So, this shouldn’t be an issue.


Thanks, I didn’t know how to find out which Anki version AnkiDroid is based on, that’s very useful to know.

Thanks for all u guys‘ replies🫶

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