FRS messed up interval help

so i switched to frs ant noticed for a card i just recently unsuspended its giving an interval of 2.3 months which makes no sense??

You optimized your parameters – what are they? And what are your learning steps?

You also studied this card on 4-13 when it was a few weeks years overdue. You’re getting credit for that in FSRS, similar to how you always have in SM-2.

hey thank you for the reply. these are my settings

Here are the factors that seem to be contributing –

  • From your parameters, it looks like FSRS considers this relatively challenging material for you, but you have your desired retention turned down to 85%, so that will stretch all of the intervals out.
  • Studying a card when it is overdue will always give you the possibility of a “windfall.” Under the same logic used in the SM-2 algorithm, FSRS takes into account how early or late this review is.
    • In this specific case, you studied a card with an 8d interval at 2 years and 27 days, and you got it correct. Even though it was in Learn (struggling with following learnings steps that have changed underneath it), and FSRS wasn’t allowed to set the interval yet, FSRS took that into account.
    • If you get it correct again today, when it will graduate from Learn, and it already has a 1.5m stability, and only medium difficulty, a 2.7m interval doesn’t seem that strange.

I don’t think that interval is “messed up” – I think it is responding to exactly what you’ve given it. The question is – did you confidently get this one correct? If so, grade it Good.

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