FSRS intervals are too long

Hi, just updated to FSRS today and after optimising my deck, the intervals are too long, especially for learning cards. I’m seeing learning cards with a ‘good’ interval being 1.3 months away. Is there any way to fix this? I’ve attached a picture of the current settings. I want my initial intervals to ideally be 1 day and then 2/3 days.


Increase desired retention.

I tried that but the intervals are still too big, this is with 95% retention!

This is normal behavior for your fsrs parameters. Why they turned out like this is a question. Perhaps you’ve been abusing “Hard”. Use standard weights for fsrs.

I advise you to give the standard parameters a chance. But if this is unacceptable to you, then use the guide.

The first four parameters that you see in the “FSRS parameters” window are the initial stability values.

# A technical explanation of the FSRS algorithm

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Yes now that I think of it, I had been abusing ‘hard’ for a while with another deck (I will switch back to only again and good now). Would it be best to use the standard weights for now and re-optimize in a month’s time or leave as standard?

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Use the default parameters, only use “Again” as a failing grade (Hard is “I recalled it after a lot of hesitation”). The next version of Anki (currently in beta) will have a feature to ignore reviews before a specified date. Then you can use it and optimize parameters for yourself based only on recent data.


I’ve just switched to the default parameters but the intervals for good are varying between 3 days and 5 days, this is still way too high…

Use standard weights. I do not know if a month will be enough. Standard weights are good in themselves, I wouldn’t worry if I were you.

Sorry but how do I set to standard weights? I’ve just left the parameters blank, is this correct?


Give the current parameters a chance. If after 3-5 days you do not remember the card, then the next interval will be 1 day. And it won’t gain so quickly.

But if you are sure, then enter these weights:

0.5614, 1.2546, 1.5878, 7.9731, 5.1043, 1.1303, 0.8230, 0.0465, 1.6290, 0.1350, 1.0045, 2.1320, 0.0839, 0.3204, 1.3547, 0.2190, 2.7849

Ahh okay understood, thank you both so much for your help. If it’s not resolved I’ll let you know, but hopefully this works now

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the new version of anki fsrs has it so you can forget reviews before a certain date. but i am still experiencing this issue

What part of the OP’s issue are you experiencing? What are your parameters (because the other user’s parameters won’t help with answering you)?