Freezing upon opening change deck and add-on windows

Hello there,

I just began having this issue this morning. I tried changing a card’s deck, and the browser window froze on me. Even though I could still navigate the main window, the browser window remained frozen. I couldn’t unfreeze Anki without force-closing the application. I tried to check the add-ons as well, but when I tried to open the add-ons window, the same freezing issue happened, but this time with the main window. I restarted the app again, and I tried to reproduce the freezing with opening other dialog windows, but wasn’t able to reproduce it with anything other than the add-ons and change deck windows. I started Anki without add-ons, but the same thing happened with add-ons disabled. I went to a different profile to see if the freezing would happen there, and it did not. I checked the database on the original profile, but that had no effect on the freezing. I updated my Anki version to 2.1.35, and made sure all of the add-ons were up to date using the test profile, but the main profile still froze upon trying to change card decks or opening the add-on window (even though all of the add-ons seemed to be working fine). Restarting my computer did not help. The problem seems to be happening only with my original profile, and does not seem to be add-on related. I logged out of AMBOSS as well, just to be sure, and the issue still persisted. Any thoughts?

Thank you all in advance!

Are you able to reproduce the problem with the latest beta?