New version upgrade freezing/not letting me study decks

I am a MacBook user and just downloaded the newest version of Anki desktop. I have tried both the Mac and Mac alternate downloads and have had the same problem with each. I have tried starting it up holding “Shift”, and have restarted my computer, still with the same problem:
Anki opens with a blank screen. I am able to go to menu “Tools” then “Study deck”, and select he deck, however the app is VERY slow to transition and eventually when I have a button to select “Study Now” I click it and am unable to advance to study the deck. I am also unable to select “Options” and “Custom Study”, it’s as if the app is frozen. I’ve restarted the app multiple times as well.

Would you mind recording a quick video with QuickTime to demonstrate what you see? You can upload it to

Since posting I re-downloaded several times and finally got it to work. So far so good. Thank you!