Anki Freezes/Can't access decks

Recently my anki would start up fine but when as soon as I open up a deck it will show the flashcard prompt but not respond to clicking for the answer/spacebar/shortcut commands. It doesn’t let me click “deck” to return to the homepage either and basically freezes. The only thing I’m able to do is close out of the application entirely and restart it.

I’m on version 2.1.26 alternate, and tried upgrading to 2.1.35 but got a bunch of errors regarding my add ons, and so downgraded back to 2.1.26. Any suggestions?

I’m just a regular anki user.

The default answer is to do this checklist and report the results for each step, see

I would try again with 2.1.35 alternate (while all add-ons are disabled). If this works I would do a regular restart. During startup you should see some error messages but you should be able to get to the main screen. Then go to the add-on manager and update all add-ons. Then restart Anki and try again: Hopefully many add-ons will have had an update. You might have to live without some add-ons for a while.

There’s a popular add-on named cloze overlapper that seems to have problems with recent anki versions. If you us this add-on: There were some discussions in the anki subreddit at that seem to contain a fix.


before you do anything else: make a copy or backup of your anki folder. If you don’t like what you got after updating your add-ons to 2.1.35 you can delete the addons21 folder from your anki profile folder and move back the old version from this copy.