Anki freezes as soon as I open the app

Since a few weeks I cannot open Anki on my MacBook Pro any more (Os 10.15.7). Anki starts offering update 2.1.35 and then “bezig met verbinden” (= busy connecting) followed by freezing altogether. Nothing works. No connection, neither the update button nor “yes” or “no”.

The only way to end this is by forcing a stop and restart my Mac.

Please help!

Starting Anki while holding down the shift key allowed me to enter the program again. But does it mean I cannot update to the new version from the old version?

To update Anki, simply download and install the latest Anki version.


If upgrading from an Anki version before 2.1.6, or switching from the standard to the alternate version or vice versa, we recommend uninstalling the old version first, which will remove Anki’s program data but not delete your card data.

If upgrading from 2.1.6+ and not switching between standard and alternate version, there is no need to uninstall the previous version first.