Anki Freezing When I Study Cards

Hi! Anki is freezing any time I try to study a card. The platform works in most capacities. I can export and backup, I can browse and edit. But when I try to study a card it appears, but the moment i hit space bar or click on any of the “Good” or “Again” buttons it freezes.
I can force quit on the desktop and it will sync properly. I can then use on my mobile device and it works fine.
Is there a way I can fix this on my desktop?

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I’m having the same issue, and it just started happening for me too. I don’t know what to do, but I just wanted to let you know that someone else is in the same boat as well. Hopefully someone figures out a solution to this!

I managed to get mine to work. I believe it was an issue caused by one of my addons, because when I removed all the addons, it worked. I don’t know which addon it is yet.

Do you use the Amboss or Free Weekend add on? I disabled all of my adding and it worked again and then I re enabled just those two and it’s not working any more.

I had the amboss addon installed for sure. I don’t think I had the free weekend addon, but I’m not positive, as I simply had a pre-made list of add-ons (Anking).

After a ton of trial and error and software updates and hard drive clean up it was the amboss add on. The moment I turn it on the program freezes. With it off I was able to go all day with it working smoothly, then turn it on and it freezes again. Turn it off again and all is well.

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