Help needed! Anki freezes after beginning Review

So just happening right now, that Anki is refusing to let me review my cards. It just shows a blank screen. I tried restarting Anki multiple times, and nothing worked, except that it allowed me to review a couple of cards and then it lags out. Restarting my laptop did not help at all as well.

The only notable change I did today is that I changed the note type of only one deck (though I doubt that would even cause a catastrophic failure) and that my computer is a bit hot, though I Anki has always worked with my laptop is hot as an oven.

Did I reach a max card limit or did I somehow damage something I am not aware of, like the database?

What is the reason behind this odd behavior :question: My Anki is stifled because of this

Here is a couple of screenshots, where it literally just shows me a blank screen after starting the review.

If I click on the editing screen, it shows me that the card is still there yet it is not displaying smth at all

Happened again just now. Tried reviewing, worked for a few cards and then just freezes completely and prevents me from even getting out to the deck overview.


Now it just shows a blank screen

Restarting without addons does not help at all. It just completely freezes at this screen.

Editor and Browser work just fine, but I cannot access the cards at all (or it will allow me to review just a handful and then freeze)

Can you check if Anki or another program is causing CPU load?

CPU load is 5-10%

Troubleshooting checklist. Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

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