Filtered deck in V3 Scheduler


When using a filtered deck with scheduling disabled in V3 scheduler, if I press good, will the card end or will it go to the next round. In V2 scheduler this would end the card in the filtered deck; just wondering how far will pressing the good push the card to? will the card eventually be removed from the deck after multiple pressing good? Kindly let me know about it


Only Easy will return the card to the original deck.

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Thank you Dae. So what will be next learning steps? does it follow the deck options in terms of learning or just the anki default?

Please see Studying - Anki Manual

Hello. I’m currently using FSRS and Pass/Fail add-on. Is there currently a way to change the behaviour of filtered decks to make “Good” end the card? It is a pain to deactivate the Pass/Fail add-on every time I use a filtered deck.

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