Filtered deck for big test. How to send cards to the end of the queue?

I will have a big test in a couple of weeks, so I want to create one big filtered deck to go through thousands of cards from several decks, without rescheduling.

I read the manual, but I’m having a hard time understanding what should I do to get the kind of workflow that I want. Basically, what I want is: if I press Good, the card is kicked out of the filtered deck; if I press Again, it goes to the end of the queue. Visually:

The idea here is that I want to:

  • first go through all the cards, kicking out what I know well

  • then, spend all the remaining days cycling through the cards that I sent to the end of the queue. And, as I do this, little by little, I kick out cards that I get confident with.

Please, how do I achieve that?

I’m using scheduler 2.0. I will review only on Ankidroid, so I will need to use this scheduler (right?).


There’s an option in the filtered deck settings that controls the delay until cards you pressed Again on appear again. Set it for a few hours, and that is effectively sending them to the end.

The maximum delay is 99 minutes, so the failed cards soon appear again. I want to go through all the thousands of cards before touching the failed cards again, and it takes me several days to achieve that. For example, in my example above, even if I set the maximum delay and do the reviews at the end of the day, the failed cards of Day 1 will appear first in Day 2.

I guess there is no official solution, right? So, I will try to come up with a workaround. Maybe, burying the cards that I want to send to the end of the queue, and then tagging and suspending them at the end of the day (EDIT: actually, simply suspending them right away will do the trick, as they stay in the filtered deck, but hidden).

You could do this:

  • click Good on the cards you know well, kicking them out of the filtered deck
  • click “bury” on all the cards you want to send at the end of the queue

Once you have finished the deck, click on “unbury”.
Then repeat steps 1 and 2 as much as needed

If I’m not mistaken, burying will make the card be at the beginning of the queue for the next day (but, I want it to go to the end). This can be used for small decks, but, as my deck is big, I need multiple days to go through it.

I think that Suspending will be a good solution for the situation I proposed. So, it seems that Anki has options to cover all the needs.


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Sorry, I didn’t read carefully enough, and assumed you meant at the end of the day, not the end of all cards. Glad to hear you’ve found an alternative solution.