Postponing only filtered cards

Currently a medical student and trying to prepare for step1 and an in house GI exam simultaneously using the Anking deck. Step 1 is in 2 months so im trying to keep up with as many cards as possible however some days it’s not feasible. Im trying to do around 1/2 of my STEP review cards a day and postpone the rest 1 day so i finish the second half the following day. I have the GI cards flagged a certain color and the step review cards flagged another. I want to make sure I get through all the GI cards every day without postponing them at all so i’m not sure how I should postpone just the excess step cards without effecting the flagged GI cards since they’re all in the anking deck.

I initially made filtered decks to pull out the GI cards from the anking deck based on flag #, postpone the remaining step cards in the anking deck, and then delete the filtered deck hoping the GI cards would enter the Anking deck without being postponed but I see that they are postponed as well (which make sense since a filtered deck doesn’t actually pull them from the anking deck) but I just didn’t know if there was a way to do what i’m trying to do. TIA!

Use this instead of flag: to postpone cards deck:filtered → filtered decks only

Searching - Anki Manual
Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

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