Feature Request: It would be absolutely amazing to have an Anki "Zoom App"!

Would it be possible for Anki to develop a “zoom app”, which would allow multiple users to be tested simultaneously from one Anki deck?
The way I envision this, there would be a “zoom Anki app”, which would have an optional feature allowing you to link your zoom-user to your main Anki account.
Users could study together – and possibly compete against each other (if a score-tracking feature was added).

I believe this is something nearly every Anki user could benefit greatly from.
Tremendously useful for med students who like to study in groups, people who would like to compete against each other in random fact challenges, etc.

For me and my organization it is a particularly relevant and necessary feature!

Thanks for all that you do in creating, recreating and maintaining this amazing life changing app!

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cool idea, but a little niche. perhaps an addon Add-ons - Anki Forums rather than an inbuilt feature?

there is already an addon for that!