Friends Tab Feature

Imagine this. You open Anki in the early morning to do your reviews. However, before that you slide your mouse over your friends tab. And then you see it. Your friend, John, has been doing reviews non-stop since 7 in the morning. Dang it, John, you tell yourself and try to fervently catching up with him.

I believe that Anki needs a feature like this. This would not only cause a greater incentive for users to share the app more and more with friends and family, but would also cause greater competitiveness. Everyone would be pushing themselves more and more to catch up with their friends’ stats! Furthermore, this feature adds a sense of connection in Anki, making Anki not just a flashcard application but much more than that. More of a collective all-in-one studying application.

I hope that this suggestion was somewhat helpful. If anyone has thoughts or ideas, please write them in the comments of this topic.


That’s my dream too. But I fear the small number of highly active Anki devs currently don’t have the capacity to tackle such a large project. The best thing that can be done at the moment is making Anki attractive to more users and increase the chances of programming talent to join the effort - and with the forum growing and documentation getting better, I am very hopeful.

That being said, I like your idea and would love to see further brainstorming on this.

If AnkiHub takes off, they might also consider the integration of social features within Anki. But they also got other priorities to solve first, I think.


I totally agree!

This might suit your needs


Woahhh I never knew about that addon! Thanks a bunch.