Chat option in anki

It would be cool if Anki had an option to chat with other people, like Mirc

An add-on may be possible, but why would someone do this, rather than installing an IRC client open-source and multi-platform such as Pidgnin, HexChat and many others


Adding a feature like that seems it would be really unfocused. I prefer that Anki does its job(SRS) and does it well instead of trying to do additional things. As others mentioned there are already apps and communities that allow you to communicate with Anki users.

What would be the benefit of having it embedded in Anki?


In some apps it makes sense to have built-in chat because there is some clear focal point for live discussion.

An obvious example would be a live sports broadcast on YouTube, or a livecam of a rocket launch countdown or a volcanic eruption, where everyone who is watching the video stream at the same time can comment on it in a live chat window.

There’s no such focal point of live discussion in within the Anki app. Even if some people downloaded the same shared decks, by the nature of spaced repetition everyone will do the cards at different times on different days in a different order.

You could have some chat outside of the app itself. Theoretically, the forums here could be supplemented with live chat, but a site like Discord would do that much better.

By the way, there is actually a Discord server called “Anki” that incorporates the blue-star logo in its thumbnail. I haven’t subscribed. Does that have any official status?

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It is technically unofficial (maybe because it doesn’t belong to Damien?), but it’s the right one.