[ Addon Support Thread ]📱Anki Discord Sidebar - Chat room within Anki (by Shige)



This Add-on displays the discord in Anki’s sidebar.
You can use it as a chat room within Anki.

What is this for? :

For example, you can find a girlfriend while studying on Anki. Or…

  1. Create a study server with your friends and study Anki together.
  2. Teach your friends who are new to Anki how to use Anki.
  3. Use it for Anki leaderboard chat.
  4. Ask questions directly to teachers, professors, experts, etc.
  5. Ask or Answer questions about Anki in Anki’s discord.
  6. Developers support users on how to use their Add-ons.

Top toolbar :
Press the top toolbar icon to open the sidebar.
This icon can optionally be hidden.


Toolbar :

  1. hide/show … Hide or Show the discord Sidebar and Channels.
  2. +/- … Zoom, values are saved after restarting Anki.

Option :

  • “when sidebar is closed, close discord”
    • Discord notifications will sound even if the sidebar is closed.
      Check this option to close the discord when the sidebar is closed and prevent notification sounds.

Notes :

  1. This Add-on stores cookies. If you are concerned about security, do not use this Add-on.
  2. Occasionally logs out. Already addressed as much as possible.
  3. Voice input is not available. This problem is caused by the Qt used by Anki so it can’t be solved by add-on.
  4. Maybe fragile the buttons to hide and show the Discord channel and sidebar.
  5. This Add-on is not related to official discord and official Anki.

Anki Discord Server :

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