[ Addon Support ] AnkiTerminator : ChatGPT Sidebar for Anki Review, GoogleBard, BingChat (by Shige)


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AI sidebar for reviews.
Just login to use ChatGPT, GoogleBard, and Bing Chat for free and easy.
(No OpenAI API required).
There is a feature to auto-send prompts when flipping Anki cards.

[ AnkiWeb ]

[ add-on code : 1428126516 ]

[ β–² Attention ]

This add-on stores your login information in a Cookie.
If you are concerned about security, please do not use this add-on.
(To delete the cookie, delete the add-on or delete the User_files folder.)

  • Advantages of using cookie
    • No need for tedious 2-step authentication
    • Free AI can be used as much as you want (no need for API)

  • Disadvantages of using cookie
    • Poor security
    • Add-on is easily broken

To resolve this cookie issue, API is needed (in short, it will be paid for).
I have not yet developed the function to use the API.

[ Limits of each AI ]

  • Chat GPT
    • The fastest, but has an hourly limit
      (30 times per hour, so about 1 time every 2 minutes),
      so if you use it continuously, it will reach the limit soon.
  • Google Bard
    • Unlimited number of replies, but replies are a bit slow.
  • Bing Chat
    • 30 chats per session and 300 chats per day, but GPT-4 is free.

[ How to Use ]


When the add-on is installed, the ChatGPT icon will be added to the right side of the top toolbar.
Clicking on it will open the AI sidebar.


  • Change AI : Click to change the AI.
  • AutoSendPronpt : Automatically sends prompts when card answer is shown and when Pronpts button is pressed.
  • Field Name : The text of the field used in prompts is automatically inputted.
  • Right click : You can enter text in this box by right-clicking.
  • Select text in Anki β†’ Right click β†’ Chat GPT
  • Pronpts Buttons : Input prompts into ChatGPT.
  • Option : Open the Options dialog.



1.Always tab

  • AI : ChatGPT, GoogleBard, BingChat
  • Translate : The default prompt is English, so non-native English speakers cannot use it,
    but you can request translation to ChatGPT using prompts.
    The β€œ{}” is auto-replaced with the language used by Anki.


2.Prompts tab

You can customize the name of each prompt and button.
{} will be replaced by field text.


3.Tags tab

If you use a special tag, you can tell ChatGPT that you are studying that tag.
{} will be replaced by tag.


4.Priority Fields tab

This add-on grabs the text to be used in the prompt from the first field.
You can specify which fields are to be prioritized.


5. Exclude tab

Does not grab the text from the field by the specified note type.
For example, image occlusion cannot be used because there is no text.


6. Other tab

  • Sidebar
  • AutoPrompt
  • auto input : Automatically prompts when card answer is shown.
  • auto send : Automatically sends prompts when card answer is shown.
  • Shortcut Keys
    • Send pronpts : The prompts you enter can be send using shortcut keys.
    • Open Sidebar


[ β–² Known Issues ]

  • Auto-Prompt does not work in Bing Chat.
  • Mac Anki23.12.1 cannot open Bird and Bing, but Mac23.12 can.
    This problem is a Qt issue, so perhaps the latest Anki update will fix it when Qt is updated.
  • Menu items not neat and tidy.
  • Translated texts in the options are choppy.
  • Translated texts in the options are incorrect.
  • Not yet tested on older Anki.

[ Others ]

The ultimate goal of this add-on is to create a talking Anki mascot character.
(This feature does not exist yet, because it is still in the idea stage.)
Text and animation have been created.

  • Anki Terminator AI-Core(ChatGPT)
  • Anki Terminator SR-800(AnkiArcade theme)



I develop game add-ons for Anki, simple fixes and customs for broken add-ons for the latest Anki(I am not related to the official Anki). If you want to support my development, you can get prototype game add-ons by becoming a Patreon. And if you become a free patreon, you can get the latest info, so please check it outπŸ‘ Patreon : Shigeyuki : Currently there are 8 content, and 10 mini game themes(AnkiArcade).


the best thing is that this let me know i can write ahk and pythons using cookies of log-ed in chatgpt too? then i can fully use my chatgpt team plan which has 100 prompt / 3 hr. thanks

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