Multiple windows to add cards / browse (suggestion)

Hello, I’m apaci, a long time anki user.
As many of the new anki updates started to polish it and fill it with whole new functions, I created this topic to suggest a function that IMO would exponentially increase productivity, speed and QOL.
I’m talking about the ability to open multiple add card or browse windows at the same time.

Let’s say I’m creating cards about a specific disease, but while i’m writing about the therapy I realize that I’m not really familiar with a specific medication; usually i would have to stop what i’m doing to, add the card, change deck and tags and add the cards about the medication; then start all over again with the disease. Or if i’m want to check my cards about two topics at the same time.

I mean, eventually anki isn’t that different from a browser; would you use a browser that only allows one tab at a time? Would you use a phone without app multitasking?

I know that there is a wonderful and popular addon that already do this, but in the end addons are unreliable to this kind of must-have functions. There are bugs and incompatibilities with other addons (and i encountered a whole lot of them lately). Also, they are unoptimized and much more resource intensive compared to the native function: for example bettertags was really heavy on my system compared to the native upgrades to the browser of the last updates, that runs smoothly.

Thank you all in advance!

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