Decks and browser should be like tabs instead of windows

In this way, manipulating anki would be easier. After all, one never uses deck view and explorer at the same time.
This becomes even more cumbersome if one opens the card, preview or card views in the browser. Three open windows is very uncomfortable.

Can anyone give me feedback or any opinion on this?

My opinion is that everything should be in a single page, i.e., no windows neither tabs, just like a SPA (

(pull) How do you like Anki?

  • Multiple tabs
  • Multiple windows
  • Single page

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My main suggestion was to unify in a window the main deck view and the card browser, since they are never used together (in fact the decks are locked until the user finishes editing). Unifying everything in one window as you suggest can be even more practical if done right. My working environment is to have the browser in one window, and the card preview or card creator in another.

I guess most of us use keyboard commands like “win + tab” to navigate between open windows, and it is really awkward having to navigate between 3 or 4 anki windows.

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@dae Could you please say what you think about it? I think it’s one of the biggest flaws in anki. Sometimes I see myself with 6 windows open: decks, browser, add card, preview card, image occlusion addon, pdf source to ankify … Workflow becomes much slower. This is not like lacking a keyboard shortcut, it is about requiring more clicks absolutely all the time, in addition to the mental clutter that produces a poor user experience.
Sorry for the insistence.

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I don’t have strong feelings on some of the combinations, but I usually like to have the add card screen and the browser open at the same time as separate windows.

Yes, I also like to work with that. In fact, if this were not the case, this suggestion would not make sense, since I would not use different sections of anki at the same time. The point is, you have to find a way to rearrange yourself into a single window. All modern software works like this, and for very special cases they usually incorporate the option of opening a section in a new window.
If there are things that the user has to see at the same time frequently, the same interface would have to know how to divide them on the screen without creating innumerable windows. It is a principle of user experience.
I hope I can explain well, and thank you very much for your contribution.

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I appreciate the feedback, but am afraid a switch to a tab-based layout is unlikely to happen in the near future.