Suggestion: open UI elements within the same application window where possible

Hello, I hope this finds you well.

I would like to suggest that you please open navigation items/new screens within the same application window wherever possible. For example, “Add”, “Browse”, “Stats”, and “Sync” all open new windows - at least on Linux. Preferred behavior would be to show the contents of these windows within the existing/main one. For example, clicking “Add” from the home screen would show the contents of the new window that presently shows when clicking it in place of the list of decks in the existing application window. I appreciate, however, that this may be difficult to do depending on the GUI framework/s being used.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Disagree. Having separate Add/Browse/etc. windows is necessary to be able to reference existing cards while adding new ones.


Yes, there are many times I need the browser, Add card and main window opened at the same time. Window positions are saved between launches, btw, so you could arrange them to your liking. At least that’s how it works on my Mac.


I also disagree with replacing the current view as I too need to see the Add and Browse views at the same time.

Good luck requesting UI changes. It’s really a epic medical records approach to user experience. Many paths to the same point. Steep learning curve. Which is ironic when you think about it. Does anybody have an Anki deck to learn how to use Anki to learn how to use Anki to learn?

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To be fair, Anki UI is improving little by little. The new sidebar in card Browser is a huge improvement, and there is the new stats window amongst other things.

But the problem is that to be developing Anki, you are already too well versed in how Anki currently is. So what seems complex to new users doesn’t look complex to you anymore. (or atleast that was my experience)


You will never get the same user experience in a small open source project like Anki as in a commercial product like Quizlet. Not just because they have a larger budget, they also optimise for user experience (which brings paying customers) where open source typically optimises for functionality.
That is not to say Anki shouldn’t improve the experience for new users. The maintainer is obviously open to suggestions and contributions. But it’s a struggle as most simplifications can’t be done easily and without upsetting long-term users.


Having used Quizlet, I have to say the lack of functionality compared to Anki is what makes it a disappointing user experience.

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