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Feature request for drilling: re-start this card at front/question

I am using Anki to learn, among other kinds, cards that contain lists of 2 to 8 elements or factors. I have to memorize these lists. For this I am using a note type that shows me the items of the list one item at a time upon a button click/press or keyboard equivalent.

I want to drill these kinds of lists. That is, I want to see a list presented several times before continuing to the next card. In sum, I want a command that turns back to the front/question side of the card.

My workaround for lack of the requested command is to type E (Edit) followed by Cmd-. (close edit). Then, after a slight delay while the waiting-for-editing display disappears, I see the card front again. Not bad, but it would be very nice to do it with a single key with an instant result. Perhaps the left-arrow key for desktop version?

EDIT: The " Toggle front and back card in Anki 2.1" add-on does this. Of course it’s limited to desktop versions.

If the note type is adding this functionality with Javascript, it could presumably include a reset button as well

Yes, I suppose it could! I don’t know (yet?) how to actually reset the card to the front via Javascript, but I can see how I might do a “clear and re-show initial back” button.

—By “actually reset” I mean showing the front such that the Enter/Return/Spacebar keys showed the back.

The add-on uses to query the current card display state and then one of
to “flip” the card.

There’s no public method for switching back to the front side when the answer is shown, but if you’re sequentially revealing parts of the question, then the template could just have a button on the front side to hide everything again.

Did you mean on the front side rather than back side? If so, how would I get back to (uh, return to) the front side to expose the button?

I was assuming you wanted to go back to the start of the list without ever revealing the answer. One way you could work around it is to have a hint field on the front side that reveals the answer, and only switch to the answer side when you’re ready to proceed.

I think we might have some terminology issues. The list items, one at a time, are the answer. Example:

What are the elements of Burglary?
Back [after 3 of 5 list items are shown]:
What are the elements of Burglary?
[horizontal line]

  1. Breaking and entering ,
  2. Of a dwelling,
  3. Of another,
            [Show Next] [Show All] <-----buttons with key shortcuts

After I’ve selected “Show Answer” on the front, I see the above but without items 2. and 3.; i.e., I see the first item. So I want some time to mentally attempt to recall on each re-do before seeing the first item.

After the last item is shown the buttons disappear and (now, with the add-on) I can elect to start over by flipping the card. Or, maybe with your all-Javascript idea, just erasing up to the horizonal line on the back and then showing only the buttons.